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IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 Administration

Question No: 101

What is the command line to configure the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server?

  1. $ITM_HOME/bin/tivcmdconfig -S lt;TEMS NAMEgt;

  2. $ITM_HOME/bin/tacmdconfig -A -t lt;TEMS NAMEgt;

  3. $ITM_HOME/bin/itmcmdconfig -s -t lt;tems namegt;

  4. $iTM_HOME/bin/itmcmdconfig -A mslt;temswamegt;

Answer: C

Question No: 102

What is the lowest level of configuration for the IBM Tivoli Performance Analyzer?

  1. individual agents

  2. individual metrics for agents

  3. individual tables in the Tivoli Data Warehouse

  4. individual metrics that have averages in the name

Answer: D

Question No: 103

In a custom navigator view, the association of correlated situations requires the assignment of which component?

  1. portal server

  2. monitoring agent

  3. hub monitoring server

  4. remote monitoring server

Answer: C

Explanation: Correlated situations are run at the Hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, so they can be associated only with the Enterprise Navigator item. If this is a custom Navigator view, the association can be to any Navigator item where the hub (HUB_HOSTNAME) is assigned.

Question No: 104

Which detail can be found in the current agent operations log (LGO) in an IBM Tivoli Monitoring environment?

  1. Connectivity to the Tivoli Data Warehouse

  2. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server connectivity

  3. The situations that are started and stopped

  4. Data exports to the Tivoli Automation Server

Answer: A

Question No: 105

Which character is the correct way to specify substitution variables when creating a Take Action option from a Tivoli Enterprise Portal client?

  1. $

  2. #

  3. amp;

  4. %

Answer: A

Question No: 106

Which statement is true when performing user administration?

  1. A user ID can only be assigned one user group.

  2. User groups can be assigned to other user groups.

  3. A user group is only used to controlled user permissions.

  4. Application assignments are only available in user groups.

Answer: C

Question No: 107

Which information can an IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 administrator collect from the warehouse-related agent workspace?

  1. queues length

  2. queues CPU usage

  3. warehouse memory usage

  4. warehouse history collection intervals

Answer: D

Question No: 108

When creating a workflow policy, how can a delay be inserted before taking action?

  1. Put in a delay at the beginning of the workflow.

  2. Putin a Suspend Action widget before the action.

  3. Any action can have a delay inserted, so put the delay on Take Action.

  4. In the last step before taking action, insert a Make a Choice widget with the proper delay.

Answer: A

Question No: 109

What are two valid statements about trace setting for agents?

  1. There is a command for the RAS1 logging level to be viewed.

  2. The RAS1 logging level setting can be disabled through a command.

  3. There is a command that can permanently set the RAS1 debug level.

  4. The RAS1 debug level can be permanently set through the service console.

  5. The RAS1 debug level can only be set by changing the agent configuration file.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 110

Which statement is true when creating a custom query for a JDBC or ODBC database?

  1. The database must be locally installed on the hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server(TEMS).

  2. There must be a database connection (ODBC or JDBC) that is local to the TEMS.

  3. The database must be locally installed on the server that hosts the Summarization and Pruning fe agent.

  4. There must be a database connection (ODBC or JDBC) that is local to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server host.

Answer: D

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