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IBM FileNet P8 V5.2.1, Deployment Professional

Question No: 11

A large government agency has just implemented SSL on one their IBM FileNet Content Manger V5.2.1 systems.

What type of encryptionis used when generating a shared secret key?

  1. In-place

  2. Hashing

  3. Symmetric

  4. Asymmetric

Answer: C

Question No: 12

By default Content Search Services logs are stored in the \IBM\ Content Search Services\CSS Server\logs directory.

What file in this directory would you review for information, warning, and error messages that are logged during server activity?

  1. default*.log

  2. monitor*.csv

  3. adminAudit.csv

  4. p8_css_trace*.log

Answer: B

Question No: 13

IBM has released a new fix pack for IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine V5.2.1 and IBM FileNet Configuration Manager for Content Platform Engine will be used for its installation.

Which of the following steps must be done to successfully deploy the new patch?

  1. In the 鈥淒eploy Application鈥漷ask, choose the option 鈥淯pgrade鈥?

  2. In the 鈥淒eploy Application鈥?task, choose the option 鈥淢odify Existing鈥?

  3. In the 鈥淐onfigure Bootstrap and Text Extraction鈥?task, choose the option 鈥淯pgrade鈥?

  4. In the 鈥淐onfigure Bootstrap and Text Extraction鈥?task, choose the option 鈥淢odify Existing鈥?

Answer: B

Question No: 14

The P8 administrator of a company has been asked to determine how they can configure their file storage area to increase throughput.

Which of the following options would allow them to achieve this requirement?

  1. Assign multiple file storage areas to a document class.

  2. Create a storage policy with multiple database storage areas.

  3. Create a storage policy with multiple online storage areas and each on a separate disk spindle or SAN LUN.

  4. Create a storage policy with multiple storage areas setting all but one storage areaonline and the rest onstandby.

Answer: A


http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/data/library/techarticle/dm- 1003filenetstoragemanagement/

Question No: 15

A deployment specialist running configPE.bat(CPIT) in an IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) environment installs IBM FileNet Content Platform Engine V5.2 in a Microsoft Windows environment. It fails giving an out-of-memory error.

The java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error message in the SystemOut.log file foe WAS indicates that the Java VirtualMachine ran out of heap space.

As a deployment specialist, which two following steps need be taken to address this issue?(Select two.)

  1. Do not replace or change the cpit.properties file.

  2. Run 5.2.1-CPIT-WIN.exe after emptying the recycle bin.

  3. In WebSphere Admin console enable Verbose Garbage collection.

  4. Do not delete the Tivoli Directory Services, CE, WAS and Workspace XT subfolders from decompressed folder.

  5. Increase the maximum and minimum heap sizes for the Java Virtual Machine on the system where the Composite Platform Installation Tool ran.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 16

An insurance company has finished configuring a new IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager system and needs to validate the object store and the storage area created are functional.

Which of the following tests would indicate a success?

  1. Log ontotheWorkplace XT, manually launch a subscription workflow.

  2. Log onto the FileNet Enterprise Manager and create a file storage area.

  3. Log onto the Administration Console for Content Engine and initialize a region.

  4. Log onto the Administration Console for Content Engine and add a document to the file storage area.

Answer: B

Question No: 17

The administrators for a large manufacturing organization are planning the installation of IBM’s FileNet Content Manager V5.2.1 in an environment where Microsoft SQL will be the hosting database platform. Along with the Content Manager system, there is a legacy IBM FileNet Image Services V4.2 system that they would like to serve as a repository via content Federated Services-Image Services (CFS-IS). They are currently in the planning and MSSQL installation phase.

What database collation settingsmust they choose?

  1. Binary-code point sort order. Case sensitive, for use with 1252 Character Set.

  2. Dictionary order, case sensitive, for use with 1252 Character Set (or any case-sensitive SQL Server collation).

  3. Dictionary order, case-intensive, for use with 1252 Character Set (or any case-intensive SQL Server collation)

  4. Dictionary order, case-intensive, accent-intensive, kana-intensive, width-sensitive (or any case-intensive SQL Server collation).

Answer: C

Question No: 18

A consulting firm for a tire manufacture is building a new IBM Case Foundation system to handle engineering drawings and their associated approval processes. They have selected IBM WebSphere for their J2EE application server.

When installing a WebSphere Application Server, which two of the following features need to be selected? (Select two.)

  1. Modern Batch.

  2. Dynamic Scripting.

  3. EJBDeploy tool for pre-EJB 3.0 modules.

  4. Communications Enabled Applications (CEA).

  5. Stand-alone thin clients and resource adapters.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 19

A software vendor is implementing the IBM Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) for IBM FileNet Content Manager.

The administrator will set which two of the following for this configuration?

  1. IBM CMIS supports only Federated Repositories.

  2. IBM CMIS and FileNet Content Engine can have the same LDAP server.

  3. The IBM FileNet P8 and IBM CMIS Platform uses LDAP-based security and also supports Java 2 security.

  4. Use the IBM WebSphere Application Server administrative console for the Content Engine server to ensure that the following settings match on both (CMIS and P8 Content Engine) application servers.

    1. User filter

    2. Group Filter

    3. User ID map

    4. Group member ID map

    5. Certificate map mode

    6. Certificate filter

  5. Use the IBM WebSphere Application Server administrative consolefor the Content Engine server to ensure that only the following settings match on both CMIS and FileNet Content Engine application servers.

  1. Primary administrative user name.

  2. Automatically generated server identity.

Answer: D

Question No: 20

A company has two sites in an IBM FileNet P8 domain: site A and site B. Both sites have one or more FileNet Content Engine servers separated by a WAN with users in both sites. A storage area is created at site A so that content can be stored permanently at site A.

Users in site B retrieve the content from the site A storage area. Each time they access a document, however, the performance is not acceptable.

Which of the following will have the most impact in increasing performance for users at site B when accessing documents from the storage area at site A?

  1. Enable Content Encryption.

  2. Suppress Duplicate Content.

  3. Enable Content Compression.

  4. Create a Content Cache Area.

Answer: C

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