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IBM B2B Integration-Network Sales Mastery Test v2

Question No: 11

What service helps companies build their B2B community?

  1. IBM Sterling Fax Conversion Service

  2. IBM Sterling Managed AS2 Service

  3. IBM Sterling Community Development Services

  4. IBM Sterling Supplier Portal

Answer: C

Reference: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/sb2bsvcs/v1r0/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.help.scnover view.doc/SCN_Sterling_Community_Development_Services.html

Question No: 12

Which of the following capabilities provides multi-enterprise process workflow definition and creation?

  1. The partner wizard for trading partner setup

  2. Role based access and custom password policies

  3. Web services to enable real-time process integration

  4. Visual modeler for fast prototyping of business processes

Answer: D

Question No: 13

Which solution takes responsibility for the delivery and operation of part or all of our customers B2B integration and infrastructure and processes?

  1. IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services

  2. IBM Sterling Collaboration Network

  3. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

  4. IBM Sterling Managed AS2 Service

Answer: A

Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/integration-services-basic

Question No: 14

Which of the following products is designed#39; for near real time visibility into documents being processed?

  1. Inflight Data Manager

  2. Sterling File Transfer Service

  3. Services Reporting and Analytics

  4. Both A amp; C

Answer: C

Question No: 15

Which of the following is NOT a benefit provided by WebSphere Transformation Extender?

  1. Deploy on industry standard servers, mainframes, virtualized architectures, private clouds from IBM and other vendors

  2. Reuse the same transformation assets throughout your enterprise

  3. Connect and manage diverse trading partner communities

  4. Access data directly within your SOA for improved data integrity and high throughput

Answer: C

Question No: 16

Which of the following mapping tools can be leveraged within Standards Processing Engine?

  1. WebSphere Transformation Extender

  2. Sterling B2B Integrator

  3. XSLT

  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Reference: http://www.enfo.se/files/2013/10/The-new-IBM-Standards-Processing-Engine- IntegrationDays-2014.pdf (slide 9, second bulleted point)

Question No: 17

What core capabilities does Standards Processing Engine provide?

  1. Envelope, transform, communicate

  2. Envelope, transform, de-envelope

  3. Transform, envelope, mail

  4. None of the above

Answer: B

Reference: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/standards-processing-engine

Question No: 18

Which of the following products lets you extend the security capabilities of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator by deploying DMZ based security?

  1. IBM Sterling Connect:Direct or WebSphere MQ MFT

  2. IBM Sterling File Gateway

  3. IBM Sterling Secure proxy

  4. IBM Multi-Enterprise Integration Gateway

Answer: C

Reference: http://www.rethinkyourcustomer.com/assets/dl/B2B-INFO3

Question No: 19

Which of the following services would provide the best option for a client who wants to have operational interaction and limited cost in order to conduct B2B transactions?

  1. File Gateway

  2. Integration Services Plus

  3. Integration Services Basic

  4. None of the above

Answer: C

Question No: 20

Which of the following WebSphere Transformation Extender editions are available?

  1. WTX for Integration Servers AND WTX Launcher Hypervisor Edition

  2. WTX with Command Server

  3. WTX with Launcher AND WTX for Application Programming

  4. All of the above

Answer: A

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