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Question No: 81 – (Topic 1)

After a new firewall has been installed, devices cannot obtain a new IP address. Which of the following ports should Matt, the security administrator, open on the firewall?

  1. 25

  2. 68

  3. 80

D. 443

Answer: B Explanation:

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a standardized network protocol used on Internet Protocol (IP) networks for distributing IP addresses for interfaces and services. DHCP makes use of port 68.

Question No: 82 – (Topic 1)

The administrator receives a call from an employee named Joe. Joe says the Internet is down and he is receiving a blank page when typing to connect to a popular sports website. The administrator asks Joe to try visiting a popular search engine site, which Joe reports as successful. Joe then says that he can get to the sports site on this phone. Which of the following might the administrator need to configure?

  1. The access rules on the IDS

  2. The pop up blocker in the employee’s browser

  3. The sensitivity level of the spam filter

  4. The default block page on the URL filter

Answer: D Explanation:

A URL filter is used to block access to a site based on all or part of a URL. There are a number of URL-filtering tools that can acquire updated master URL block lists from vendors, as well as allow administrators to add or remove URLs from a custom list.

Question No: 83 – (Topic 1)

A company determines a need for additional protection from rogue devices plugging into physical ports around the building.

Which of the following provides the highest degree of protection from unauthorized wired network access?

  1. Intrusion Prevention Systems

  2. MAC filtering

  3. Flood guards

D. 802.1x

Answer: D Explanation:

IEEE 802.1x is an IEEE Standard for Port-based Network Access Control (PNAC). It is part of the IEEE 802.1 group of networking protocols and provides an authentication mechanism to wireless devices connecting to a LAN or WLAN.

Question No: 84 – (Topic 1)

NO: 36

Sara, a security technician, has received notice that a vendor coming in for a presentation will require access to a server outside of the network. Currently, users are only able to access remote sites through a VPN connection. How could Sara BEST accommodate the vendor?

  1. Allow incoming IPSec traffic into the vendor’s IP address.

  2. Set up a VPN account for the vendor, allowing access to the remote site.

  3. Turn off the firewall while the vendor is in the office, allowing access to the remote site.

  4. Write a firewall rule to allow the vendor to have access to the remote site.

Answer: D Explanation:

Firewall rules are used to define what traffic is able pass between the firewall and the internal network. Firewall rules block the connection, allow the connection, or allow the connection only if it is secured. Firewall rules can be applied to inbound traffic or outbound traffic and any type of network.

Question No: 85 – (Topic 1)

An IT director is looking to reduce the footprint of their company’s server environment. They have decided to move several internally developed software applications to an alternate environment, supported by an external company. Which of the following BEST describes this arrangement?

  1. Infrastructure as a Service

  2. Storage as a Service

  3. Platform as a Service

  4. Software as a Service

Answer: A Explanation:

Cloud users install operating-system images and their application software on the cloud infrastructure to deploy their applications. In this model, the cloud user patches and maintains the operating systems and the application software.

Question No: 86 – (Topic 1)

A security analyst needs to logon to the console to perform maintenance on a remote server. Which of the following protocols would provide secure access?

  1. SCP

  2. SSH

  3. SFTP

  4. HTTPS

Answer: B Explanation:

Secure Shell (SSH) is a tunneling protocol originally used on Unix systems. It’s now available for both Unix and Windows environments. SSH is primarily intended for interactive terminal sessions.

SSH is used to establish a command-line, text-only interface connection with a server, router, switch, or similar device over any distance.

Question No: 87 – (Topic 1)

Sara, the security administrator, must configure the corporate firewall to allow all public IP addresses on the internal interface of the firewall to be translated to one public IP address on the external interface of the same firewall. Which of the following should Sara configure?

  1. PAT

  2. NAP

  3. DNAT

  4. NAC

Answer: A Explanation:

Port Address Translation (PAT), is an extension to network address translation (NAT) that permits multiple devices on a local area network (LAN) to be mapped to a single public IP address. The goal of PAT is to conserve IP addresses.

Most home networks use PAT. In such a scenario, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns a single IP address to the home network#39;s router. When Computer X logs on the Internet, the router assigns the client a port number, which is appended to the internal IP address. This, in effect, gives Computer X a unique address. If Computer Z logs on the Internet at the same time, the router assigns it the same local IP address with a different port number. Although both computers are sharing the same public IP address and accessing the Internet at the same time, the router knows exactly which computer to send specific packets to because each computer has a unique internal address.

Question No: 88 – (Topic 1)

A security analyst is reviewing firewall logs while investigating a compromised web server. The following ports appear in the log:

22, 25, 445, 1433, 3128, 3389, 6667

Which of the following protocols was used to access the server remotely?

  1. LDAP

  2. HTTP

  3. RDP

  4. HTTPS

Answer: C Explanation:

RDP uses TCP port 3389.

Question No: 89 – (Topic 1)

Configuring the mode, encryption methods, and security associations are part of which of the following?

  1. IPSec

  2. Full disk encryption

C. 802.1x


Answer: A Explanation:

IPSec can operate in tunnel mode or transport mode. It uses symmetric cryptography to provide encryption security. Furthermore, it makes use of Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP).

Question No: 90 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following would satisfy wireless network implementation requirements to use mutual authentication and usernames and passwords?

  1. EAP-MD5

  2. WEP


  4. EAP-TLS

Answer: C Explanation:

PEAP-MS-CHAP v2 is easier to deploy than EAP-TLS or PEAP-TLS because user authentication is accomplished via password-base credentials (user name and password) rather than digital certificates or smart cards.

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