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Question No: 391 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following utilities can be used in Linux to view a list of users’ failed authentication attempts?

  1. badlog

  2. faillog

  3. wronglog

  4. killlog

Answer: B Explanation:

var/log/faillog – This Linux log fi le contains failed user logins. You’ll find this log useful when tracking attempts to crack into your system.

/var/log/apport.log This log records application crashes. Sometimes these can reveal attempts to compromise the system or the presence of a virus or spyware.

Question No: 392 – (Topic 2)

Why would a technician use a password cracker?

  1. To look for weak passwords on the network

  2. To change a user’s passwords when they leave the company

  3. To enforce password complexity requirements

  4. To change users passwords if they have forgotten them

Answer: A Explanation:

A password cracker will be able to expose weak passwords on a network.

Question No: 393 – (Topic 2)

After copying a sensitive document from his desktop to a flash drive, Joe, a user, realizes that the document is no longer encrypted. Which of the following can a security technician implement to ensure that documents stored on Joe’s desktop remain encrypted when moved to external media or other network based storage?

  1. Whole disk encryption

  2. Removable disk encryption

  3. Database record level encryption

  4. File level encryption

Answer: D Explanation:

Encryption is used to ensure the confidentiality of information. In this case you should make use of file level encryption. File level encryption is a form of disk encryption where individual files or directories are encrypted by the file system itself. This is in contrast to full disk encryption where the entire partition or disk, in which the file system resides, is encrypted.

Question No: 394 – (Topic 2)

Ann, a security technician, is reviewing the IDS log files. She notices a large number of alerts for multicast packets from the switches on the network. After investigation, she discovers that this is normal activity for her network. Which of the following BEST describes these results?

  1. True negatives

  2. True positives

  3. False positives

  4. False negatives

Answer: C Explanation:

False positives are essentially events that are mistakenly flagged and are not really events to be concerned about.

Question No: 395 – (Topic 2)

Matt, a forensic analyst, wants to obtain the digital fingerprint for a given message. The message is 160-bits long. Which of the following hashing methods would Matt have to use to obtain this digital fingerprint?

  1. SHA1

  2. MD2

  3. MD4

  4. MD5

Answer: A Explanation:

The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) was designed to ensure the integrity of a message. SHA is a one-way hash that provides a hash value that can be used with an encryption protocol. This algorithm produces a 160-bit hash value. SHA (1 or 2) is preferred over Message Digest Algorithm.

Question No: 396 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following technical controls is BEST used to define which applications a user can install and run on a company issued mobile device?

  1. Authentication

  2. Blacklisting

  3. Whitelisting

  4. Acceptable use policy

Answer: C Explanation:

White lists are closely related to ACLs and essentially, a white list is a list of items that are allowed.

Question No: 397 – (Topic 2)

An online store wants to protect user credentials and credit card information so that customers can store their credit card information and use their card for multiple separate transactions.

Which of the following database designs provides the BEST security for the online store?

  1. Use encryption for the credential fields and hash the credit card field

  2. Encrypt the username and hash the password

  3. Hash the credential fields and use encryption for the credit card field

  4. Hash both the credential fields and the credit card field

Answer: C Explanation:

Hashing refers to the hash algorithms used in cryptography. It is used to store data, such as hash tables. One main characteristic of hashing is that the algorithm must have few or no collisions – in hashing two different inputs does not give the same output. Thus the credential fields should be hashed because anyone customer will have a unique credit card number/identity and since they will use their credit cards for many different transactions, the credit card field should be encrypted only, not hashed.

Question No: 398 – (Topic 2)

An Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) has been placed in charge of a classified peer-to-peer network that cannot connect to the Internet. The ISSO can update the antivirus definitions manually, but which of the following steps is MOST important?

  1. A full scan must be run on the network after the DAT file is installed.

  2. The signatures must have a hash value equal to what is displayed on the vendor site.

  3. The definition file must be updated within seven days.

  4. All users must be logged off of the network prior to the installation of the definition file.

Answer: B Explanation:

A hash value can be used to uniquely identify secret information. This requires that the hash function is collision resistant, which means that it is very hard to find data that generate the same hash value and thus it means that in hashing two different inputs will not yield the same output. Thus the hash value must be equal to that displayed on the vendor site.

Question No: 399 – (Topic 2)

Encryption of data at rest is important for sensitive information because of which of the following?

  1. Facilitates tier 2 support, by preventing users from changing the OS

  2. Renders the recovery of data harder in the event of user password loss

  3. Allows the remote removal of data following eDiscovery requests

  4. Prevents data from being accessed following theft of physical equipment

Answer: D Explanation:

Data encryption allows data that has been stolen to remain out of the eyes of the intruders who took it as long as they do not have the proper passwords.

Question No: 400 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following should be connected to the fire alarm system in order to help prevent the spread of a fire in a server room without data loss to assist in an FM-200 deployment?

  1. Water base sprinkler system

  2. Electrical

  3. HVAC

  4. Video surveillance

Answer: C Explanation:

HVAC refers to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning to allow for a zone-based environmental control measure. The fire-alarm system should ideally also be hooked up to the HVAC so that the HVAC can monitor the changes in heating and ventilation.

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