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Question No: 21 – (Topic 1)

Pete needs to open ports on the firewall to allow for secure transmission of files. Which of the following ports should be opened on the firewall?

  1. TCP 23

  2. UDP 69

  3. TCP 22

  4. TCP 21

Answer: C Explanation:

SSH uses TCP port 22. All protocols encrypted by SSH, including SFTP, SHTTP, SCP, SExec, and slogin, also use TCP port 22. Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) is a secure file- transfer facility based on SSH and Remote Copy Protocol (RCP). Secure FTP (SFTP) is a secured alternative to standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Question No: 22 – (Topic 1)

A security administrator has configured FTP in passive mode. Which of the following ports should the security administrator allow on the firewall by default?

  1. 20

  2. 21

  3. 22

  4. 23

Answer: B Explanation:

When establishing an FTP session, clients start a connection to an FTP server that listens on TCP port 21 by default.

Question No: 23 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following security devices can be replicated on a Linux based computer using IP tables to inspect and properly handle network based traffic?

  1. Sniffer

  2. Router

  3. Firewall

  4. Switch

Answer: C Explanation:

Ip tables are a user-space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall and the chains and rules it stores.

Question No: 24 – (Topic 1)

A company has implemented PPTP as a VPN solution. Which of the following ports would need to be opened on the firewall in order for this VPN to function properly? (Select TWO).

  1. UDP 1723

  2. TCP 500

  3. TCP 1723

  4. UDP 47

  5. TCP 47

Answer: C,D Explanation:

A PPTP tunnel is instantiated by communication to the peer on TCP port 1723. This TCP connection is then used to initiate and manage a second GRE tunnel to the same peer. The PPTP GRE packet format is non-standard, including an additional acknowledgement

field replacing the typical routing field in the GRE header. However, as in a normal GRE connection, those modified GRE packets are directly encapsulated into IP packets, and seen as IP protocol number 47.

Question No: 25 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following firewall rules only denies DNS zone transfers?

  1. deny udp any any port 53

  2. deny ip any any

  3. deny tcp any any port 53

  4. deny all dns packets

Answer: C Explanation:

DNS operates over TCP and UDP port 53. TCP port 53 is used for zone transfers.

Question No: 26 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following best practices makes a wireless network more difficult to find?

  1. Implement MAC filtering

  2. UseWPA2-PSK

  3. Disable SSID broadcast

  4. Power down unused WAPs

Answer: C Explanation:

Network administrators may choose to disable SSID broadcast to hide their network from unauthorized personnel. However, the SSID is still needed to direct packets to and from the base station, so it’s a discoverable value using a wireless packet sniffer. Thus, the SSID should be disabled if the network isn’t for public use.

Question No: 27 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following would Pete, a security administrator, do to limit a wireless signal from penetrating the exterior walls?

  1. Implement TKIP encryption

  2. Consider antenna placement

  3. Disable the SSID broadcast

  4. Disable WPA

Answer: B

Explanation: Cinderblock walls, metal cabinets, and other barriers can reduce signal strength significantly. Therefore, antenna placement is critical.

Question No: 28 – (Topic 1)

A security team has identified that the wireless signal is broadcasting into the parking lot. To reduce the risk of an attack against the wireless network from the parking lot, which of the following controls should be used? (Select TWO).

  1. Antenna placement

  2. Interference

  3. Use WEP

  4. Single Sign on

  5. Disable the SSID

  6. Power levels

Answer: A,F Explanation:

Placing the antenna in the correct position is crucial. You can then adjust the power levels to exclude the parking lot.

Question No: 29 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following is required to allow multiple servers to exist on one physical server?

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  3. Virtualization

  4. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Answer: C Explanation:

Virtualization allows a single set of hardware to host multiple virtual machines.

Question No: 30 – (Topic 1)

After entering the following information into a SOHO wireless router, a mobile device’s user reports being unable to connect to the network:

PERMIT 0A: D1: FA. B1: 03: 37 DENY 01: 33: 7F: AB: 10: AB

Which of the following is preventing the device from connecting?

  1. WPA2-PSK requires a supplicant on the mobile device.

  2. Hardware address filtering is blocking the device.

  3. TCP/IP Port filtering has been implemented on the SOHO router.

  4. IP address filtering has disabled the device from connecting.

Answer: B Explanation:

MAC filtering allows you to include or exclude computers and devices based on their MAC address.

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