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Intel庐 Server Specialist Certification Exam

Question No: 91

Your customer wishes to set up a pilot system with a 1U, small form factor, managed server, destined for a small datacentre, with a maximum CPU draw of 95w TDP; beforeplacing his main order for 50 systems. Two of the major requirements are 1) for the system to send out an alert email as well as an audible alert if a single drive fails in the software based RAID 1 arrayand 2) to enable remote monitoring of the system. Which of the following configuration choices would you recommend? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel庐 ESRT2 RAID 1 configured with email alerting

  2. Remote Intel Management Module RIMM 4


  4. Intel庐 Xeon庐 E3-based server system

  5. Remote Web Console 2

  6. Matrix RAID 1

  7. Intel RAIDMatrix 2.5

  8. Intel RAIDsoft 3

  9. Configure BMC for email alerting

Answer: A,C,D,E,I

Question No: 92

You are educating your customer on the benefits of server management as a way of adding value and revenue to their business. You are now discussing how accessing a customer’s server remotely can save both time and money, and potentially generate an income stream for the business. You have given advice on the different tools used for getting all of the events from a managed Intel庐 server. Are there any tools in the list below that do NOT allow the SEL to be read remotely?

  1. You cannot read the SEL through the Intel庐 Active system console

  2. You cannot read the SEL through the CmdTool2

  3. You cannot read the SEL through the IPMI Tool/IPMI Utility

  4. You cannot read the SEL through the BMC web-GUI

Answer: B

Question No: 93

Your customer has asked you to specify a new server for their business. This is a pilot initiative which ifsuccessful will lead to run-rate business of 25 servers per month. Memory performance is paramount and the requirement is for 32GB RDIMMS in the system. The system you (as the Intel庐 Server Specialist) are going to suggest will be based on the Intel庐 Server System R2224WTTYS with two Intel庐 Xeon庐 E5-2680 v3 processors. How much physical memory will you be able to configure the system with if the RDIMMs are to run at the highest frequency for this system?

  1. 640 GB

  2. 768 GB

  3. 512 GB

  4. 1152 GB

  5. 256 GB

Answer: E

Question No: 94

What differences are there between the Intel庐 Server Board S2600CW2S and the Intel庐 Server Board S2600CW2?

  1. The number of PCIe x16 slots

  2. The number of NICs

  3. The Integrated hardware RAID

  4. The number of CPUs

  5. The number of DIMMs per channel

Answer: B Explanation:


As an Intel庐 Server Specialist, you are working through a configuration with your customer who wants to know which of the following Intel庐 Server systems can be used with the Intel庐 Xeon庐鈩?Phi Coprocessor? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel庐 ServerSystem R1304GZ4GS9

  2. Intel庐 Server System H2312JFJR

  3. Intel庐 Server System R2208LH2HKCS

  4. Intel庐 Server Board S1200V5SP H2312JFJR

  5. Intel庐 Server System R2208WTTYC1

  6. Intel庐 Server Board S1200V3RPMs

  7. Intel庐 Server System R1304JP4GS Answer: C,E,G

Question No: 95

Your customer is buying a new server and due to space constraints it needs to enable maximum storage as well. The minimum acceptable number of drives is at least 20 HDDs so that securearrays may be created. Please choose your answer from the list below:

  1. Intel 庐 Compute Module HNS2600TP amp; Intel庐 Server Chassis H2216XXKR2

  2. Intel 庐 Server System R1304WTXXX

  3. Intel 庐 Server System R2224WTTYS

  4. Intel 庐 Server System R1208WTXXX

Answer: C

Question No: 96

Intel庐 Raid products are categorized as either: Entry, Mainstream or Performance. Which of the following statements regarding the feature differences between these categories are true? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel Entry RAID products do not support RAID levels 6 or 60.

  2. All categories of Intel庐 Raid products support battery backup options.

  3. Only Mainstream and Performance categories support Full Disk Encryption.

  4. Intel Mainstream RAID products support a maximum of 240 physical disks.

  5. All categories of Intel庐 Raid products support a Global Hot Spare drive.

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 97

Your customer has called you with the following question and would like to know what (if any) are the headline differences between a traditional server virtualisation model and the cloud. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. There is nodifference.

  2. The cloud model has one large virtualised, orchestrated resource pool allowing for addition of capacity on demand.

  3. In the cloud, applications and services are automatically and intelligently orchestrated within a single physical resourcepool.

  4. The cloud has compute and storage resources connected to the same local area network.

  5. The server virtualisation model has no automation.

  6. Only a private cloud offers the intelligence and automation for applications with “always- on” elastic services.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 98

Which configuration settings shouldbe done in order to add a system to DCM’s console? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Configure BMC authentication settings

  2. Install iASC

  3. Enable PXE over LAN

  4. Install RMM full

  5. Set BMC network configuration

Answer: A,E

Question No: 99

What is required to enable Intel庐 RAID SSD Cache? Please choose from the list below. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel庐 RAID controller

  2. SAS HDD

  3. Intel庐 Premium feature key

  4. Intel庐 SSD

  5. Intel庐 RAID web console

Answer: A,C

Question No: 100

Your customer calls you as the Intel庐 Server Specialist with a problem; is it possible to install Microsoft* Windows* Server 2012 R2 on a disk with capacity over 2 TB?

  1. Yes, but you need to convert the disk to GPT and use UEFI installation

  2. No, OS policy does not allow theuse of large partitions for the system disk

  3. Yes, but you need to create a partition with size under 2TB

  4. Yes, with the x64 version of OS

  5. Yes, the installation process is the usual one

Answer: A

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