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Intel庐 Server Specialist Certification Exam

Question No: 81

You are explaining to a potential customer the benefits of having anembedded web server in the BMC of their R2224WTTYS system, and how using the TAB gt;server health gt;sensor readings enables monitoring of many onboard devices as a way of reducing failure and promoting continuous server uptime. You have elected to give him alist of some of the items that are continuously monitored by the BMC. Please choose those that are monitored. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. HDD storage capacity

  2. System Fan speeds in RPM

  3. CPU threads and VR usage in amps

  4. Exhaust Air temperature 0C

  5. Memory capacity

  6. CPU Name and model number

  7. CPU VR Temperature in 0C

  8. System Airflow in CFM

  9. CPU TDP

  10. Front panel temperature in 0C

Answer: B,D,G,H,J

Question No: 82

Your customer is involved in planning a new compact data centre. Some of the critical features that need to be considered insuch a data centre include heat and energy dissipation. This means they must know the power draw of the servers they plan to configure. What is the maximum number and speed of DIMMs that can be accommodated in the S1200V3RP in a 1U chassis?

Please choose your correct answer from the list below:

  1. 2DIMM slots at 1333 MT/s (ECC) RDIMMs

  2. 4DIMM slots at 1333 MT/s (ECC) RDIMMs

  3. 8DIMM slots at 1333 MT/s (ECC) RDIMMs

  4. 2DIMM slots at 1600 MT/s (ECC) UDIMMs

  5. 4DIMM slots at 1600 MT/s (ECC) UDIMMs

Answer: E

Question No: 83

What speeds do the integrated Ethernet controllers (LOM) support, in the current generation – Grantley (S2600 series boards for Intel Xeon E5v3 series CPUs)? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. 1 Gb/s

  2. 2.5 Gb/s

  3. 5 Gb/s

  4. 10 Gb/s

  5. 15 Gb/s

  6. 40 Gb/s

Answer: A,D Explanation:


Your customer has telephoned you urgently as the Intel庐 Server Specialist, since their customer is still on the phone complaining that their new server installation is “not working properly!” Apparently all the system fans are running at full speed. What are the FIRST 3 steps an Intel庐 Server Specialist should take in a case like this? Please choose your answers from the below list. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Check for chassis intrusion

  2. Check CPU temperature

  3. Update the BIOS and the BMC D.Install and Intel庐 RMM4 module

  1. Turn up the air conditioning

  2. Change the server to acoustic mode in bios setup

  3. Check the FAN connections to the correct headers

  4. Update the FRUSDR

Answer: A,G,H

Question No: 84

Your customer is in the market to upgrade their infrastructure. A key requirement is the number of add-in components that each server can support. Please advise your customer which systems have the largest number of PCIe expansion slots. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel 庐 Server Board S2600CWT

  2. Intel 庐 Compute Module HNS2600KP

  3. Intel 庐 Server System R2224WTTYS

  4. Intel 庐 Server System R2208WTTYS

  5. Intel 庐Compute Module HNS2600TP

  6. Intel 庐 Server Board S2600CW2

  7. Intel 庐 Server System R2208WT2YS

  8. Intel 庐 Compute Module HNS2600KPF

Answer: D,G

Question No: 85

Which one of the following statements regarding theoretical PCIe bandwidth is INCORRECT?

  1. PCIe gen2 x8 runs at 16GB/s bi-directional

  2. PCIe gen1 x16 runs at 8GB/s bi-directional

  3. PCIe gen3 x8 runs at 16GB/sbi-directional

  4. PCIe gen2 x4 runs at 4GB/s bi-directional

Answer: A

Question No: 86

Your customer wants to build a data center and is looking for space-efficient solutions,

which will accommodate cloud infrastructure as they start to build it out. As an Intel庐 Server specialist which of the following products would you advise for this, given the need for space-efficiency as well as maximum memory density?

  1. Intel庐 ServerSystem R1208WTTGS

  2. Intel庐 Server Board S2600GZ

  3. Intel庐 Compute Module HNS2600TP

  4. Intel庐 Compute Module HNS2600KP

Answer: C

Question No: 87

A customer wants to buy an Intel庐 server system in a 1U rack chassis for a web server with Intel Intelligent Node Manager support. Which of the following systems support this feature?

  1. The Intel庐 Server System P4308RPLSHDR

  2. TheIntel庐 Server System R1304RPSSFBN

  3. The Intel庐 Server System R1304BTSSFAN

  4. The Intel庐 Server System P4304BTSSFCN

Answer: B

Question No: 88

Your customer is undertaking a complete infrastructure renewal for one of their bigger customers, and has been asked to pay attention to bothpower and efficiency. Please explain from all the different power supplies that are available for Intel庐 Server systems; which PSUs are compatible with systems based on the Intel庐 Server board S2600WT. Please choose from the list below. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. 460W

  2. 650W

  3. 750W

  4. 860W E. 1100W F. 1200W G. 1600W

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 89

Your customer wants to build a data center and is looking for space-efficient solutions,which will accommodate HPC infrastructure. As an Intel庐 Server specialist which of the following products would you advise for this, given the need for space-efficiency and onboard high speed interconnects?

  1. Intel庐 Compute Module HNS2600KP

  2. Intel庐Server Board S2600GZ

  3. Intel庐 Server Board S2600WTT

  4. Intel庐 Compute Module HNS2600TPF

Answer: D

Question No: 90

Your customer calls you foradvice wanting to know how 6 drives could best be used to create two RAID arrays under one hardware RAID controller; one for the OS installation and one for critical data storage. Which of the following would you advise as the choice with the highest reliability?

  1. 3 drives as a RAID 0 for the OS, 3 drives as a RAID 5 for data

  2. 2 drives as a RAID 1 for the OS, 4 drives as a RAID 6 for the data

  3. All 6 drives as a RAID 6, use OS level partition feature to isolate OS volume and data volume

  4. 4 drives asa RAID 10 for the OS, 2 drives as a RAID 0 for the data

Answer: B

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