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Intel庐 Server Specialist Certification Exam

Question No: 71

Does the number of hard drives in a given array determine the RAID levels that can be supported?

  1. No

  2. Yes

Answer: B

Question No: 72

During a RAID “Deep-Dive” training event that you have organised as the Intel庐 Server Specialist, you have been asked how to increase the speed of HWRAID. How would you answer that question from the following list? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. “Write Through” should be enabled.

  2. The battery should be removed.

  3. “No Read Ahead” should be enabled.

  4. “Always Read Ahead” should beenabled.

  5. “Always Write Back” should be enabled.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 73

Your customer needs to understand more about how the different RAID levels work, and the degree of protection afforded by each one. You are asked for advice as the Intel庐 Server Specialist. From the following scenarios, which one do you think has the greatest potential to lose data?

  1. In a RAID 5 volume, once a drive fails, replace it with a new one and initiate rebuilding.

  2. In a RAID 6 volume, once a drive fails, and while doing the rebuilding with a hot spare drive, a second drive (not the new hot spare drive) also fails.

  3. In a RAID 6 volume, once a drive fails, replace it with a new one, and force the status of the new drive as online

  4. In a RAID 5 volume, add a new drive, do the RAID level migration to make a RAID 1.

Answer: C

Question No: 74

Which of the following memory modules can be used in the Intel庐 Server Board S1200V3RP? Please choose your answer from the list below.


  2. Non-ECC UDIMM



  5. Non-ECC RDIMM


Answer: F

Question No: 75

Your customer calls you to say that their dual socket server is reporting only half the memory that they originally purchased, and further that not only does the internal RAID card not show up, but they can’t find any of the SAS drives that they purchased. How would you advise your customer?

  1. Pay the customer a visit to carry out a physical check on the server.

  2. Advise the customer to do an RMA on the RAID controller and half the memory, as this is clearly the problem

  3. Advise the customer to swapout the RAID controller with a known good one, ensuring that appropriate ESD precautions are observed

  4. Advise the customer to do an RMA on the entire server as it is clearly damaged.

  5. Check to ensure both CPU sockets are populated.

  6. Ensure that the customer swaps out all the memory, one by one, with known good ones, ensuring that appropriate ESD precautions are observed

Answer: E

Question No: 76

Your customer has enabled BMC management and remote access in the event that they need youthe Intel庐 Server Specialist to perform remote reporting or diagnostics. They want to know if chassis status lights and buttons are available via the Embedded Web Server, and if so which ones. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Only power and reset buttons are available

  2. Only the power and status LEDs are visible via the EWS

  3. Only the power LED is visible through the EWS

  4. The power, chassis id and status LEDs are available

  5. Power, reset and chassis id buttons are available

  6. Only the chassis id isavailable through the EWS

Answer: D,E

Question No: 77

A customer has installed the Intel庐 Server board S2600CW into a third party chassis. Since powering it on the cooling fans are running continuously at maximum RPM and the sensor readings are incorrect.Which of the following is the FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem?

  1. Clear CMOS

  2. Update the BIOS, BMC and FRUSDR

  3. Update the SDR with “other chassis” option

  4. Update the FRUSDR

  5. Reset the BMC

Answer: C

Question No: 78

You are advising a customer in a data centre on the latest generation of Intel庐 Server systems and products; in particular on GPGPU and you suggest the Intel庐 Xeon庐 Phi Coprocessor. You need to advise on whether there are any special requirements for using Intel庐 Xeon庐 Phi Coprocessor. How would you answer him from the list below? (Select ALL that apply)

  1. The Host OS must be either Windows or Linux

  2. quot;MMIO above 4GBquot; option should be enabled in BIOS

  3. There mustbe adequate power connectors (8pin and 6pin)

  4. The FANs must rotate at not less than 25k RPM

  5. The Host OS can only be a Windows Operating System

  6. The Host OS can only be Linux

  7. It must be the only PCIe device in the system

Answer: A,B

Question No: 79

Which of the following is a function of the BIOS Recovery Boot feature?

  1. BIOS recovery boot can be used to apply a BIOS version to a system that has a corrupt BIOS.

  2. BIOS recovery boot is the recommended approach to reset any BIOS passwords.

  3. BIOS recovery boot is always used as part of the BIOS update process.

  4. BIOS recovery boot can be used to recover the BIOS settings from the last known good configuration of the system.

Answer: A

Question No: 80

A customer has spent a long time on the phone with their reseller. Their reseller is now talking to you abouthow to isolate the issue (which is very hot!) in their customer’s server. You have been told by your reseller that they did not sell or configure any management prior to delivering to their customer. What will you recommend? Please select the BEST


  1. Advise your reseller to go to the customer’s site in order to better troubleshoot the issue

  2. Simply log into EWS in the BMC, choose the Tab Server Health and look at / Save the SEL.

  3. If the server is responsive, boot to Bios Setup and configure thenecessary IP and user settings, by going to Server Managementgt;BMC Lan Configuration.

  4. Suggest that he arrange an AWR swap out of all the problem components

  5. Install Intel server management utilities and retrieve the system logs for initial diagnosis

Answer: E

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