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Intel庐 Server Specialist Certification Exam

Question No: 61

You have been asked to explain to your customer the RAS features of the server that you are suggesting they purchase. In particular they have requested more information on two elements in the DRAM within the server. They would like to know what “ECC” means and

what “Scrubbing” means. (Select ALL that apply).

  1. ECC means Error Collection and Cleaning

  2. Error Collection and Cleaning are part of what Scrubbing does but they are not synonymous.

  3. Scrubbing includes reading all memory locations and then resetting the parity bit to 0.

  4. ECC means Error Correcting Code.

  5. Scrubbing involves reading from each memory location, correcting bit errors if any and writing the corrected data back to the same location.

  6. ECC and scrubbing are synonymous.

Answer: D,E

Question No: 62

Intel庐 Deployment Assistant is designed to simplify the setup and configuration of Intel庐 Server Products. Which of the following features are included with Intel庐 Deployment Assistant? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Cross-compatibility with a wide range of Intel architecture based server products

  2. Memory and storage sizing guidance by application type

  3. Server cloning

  4. Unattended operating system installation

  5. Single interface for configuring system BIOS, management, and RAID settings

Answer: C,E

Question No: 63

How does Intel庐 Trusted Execution Technology promote increasedserver security? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Assists in detecting and/or preventing BIOS and firmware update attacks

  2. Assists in detecting and/or preventing reset attacks designed to compromise platform secrets in memory

  3. Assists in detecting and/or preventing non-trusted VMM (rootkit hypervisor)

  4. Provides encryption support to instructions currently being executed

  5. Provides enhanced pipeline protection for threads awaiting execution

  6. Supports the Intel庐 Instant Secure Erase feature

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 64

While installing MS Windows 2012 R2 on a RAID array created on an Intel庐 RAID controller RS3MC044 the array cannot be found. How would you proceed from the list below?

  1. The Drives are not marked online

  2. The Virtual Drive was not initialized

  3. The Virtual Drive is not set as bootable

  4. A driver is required

  5. The Intel庐 RAID controller is not the first boot device

Answer: D

Question No: 65

Which of the following documents details the BIOS and BMC architecture for a particular generation of Intel庐 Server boards?

  1. TPS

  2. PCN

  3. GPS

  4. EPS

  5. ECCN

Answer: D

Question No: 66

A server with an Intel庐 RAID Controller RS3DC080 has a RAID 5 array with 3 disks. The controller has a RAID Maintenance Free Backup Unit (RMFBU) installed. A customer reports that the array keepsresetting itself from write-back mode to write-through mode. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be taken to further investigate this issue? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Check whether the memory DIMM on the RAID controller is seatedproperly.

  2. Check if the RAID controller BIOS has the correct RMFBU information.

  3. Check if the RMFBU is seated properly.

  4. Check if the SES cable is connected properly.

  5. Check that the SSD cache premium feature key is installed.

  6. Check the RAID logfor any RMFBU errors.

Answer: B,C,F

Question No: 67

Your customer is competingin a Government Tender which specifies Infiniband庐 modules. Which of the following list of boards can support Infiniband庐 I/O Modules such as the AXX1FDRIBIOM? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel庐 Server Board S2600CW

  2. Intel庐 Server Board S1200V3RP

  3. Intel庐 Server Board S2600KP

  4. Intel庐 Server Board S1200V5SP

  5. Intel庐 Server Board S2600WT

Answer: C,E

Question No: 68

Which of the following battery backup units are compatible with the Intel庐 Raid Controller RS3DC080? Please choose your answer from the list below.






Answer: C

Question No: 69

A customer wishes to run tests on a server to establish a baseline for the disk subsystem performance. Whichof the following tools could help the customer to do this? (Select ALL that apply).

  1. Intel庐 Active System Console

  2. IOmeter

  3. Intel庐 Raid Controller Command Line Tool 2 (CMDTool2)

  4. Microsoft Windows Resource Monitor

  5. Intel庐 Server Event Log (SEL) viewer utility

Answer: B,D

Question No: 70

On an Intel庐 Server Board S2600WT, which of the following is the MAXIMUMpossible memory speed that can be reached when the system is configured with 24 DIMMs and 2 Intel庐 Xeon庐 Processors E5-2600 v3?

  1. 2133 MHz

  2. 1333 MHz

  3. 1600 MHz

  4. 1866 MHz

Answer: C

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