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Intel庐 Server Specialist Certification Exam

Question No: 91

Which of the following Intel庐 RAID controller features supports the use of SSD based Cache, and what are the basic configuration guidelines?

  1. SSD Cache, when using one or more SSDs for caching.

  2. FastPath I/O, where more than one SSD will be used for caching purposes.

  3. FastPath I/O, when only one SSD is used for caching purposes.

  4. SSD Cache, when there is a 1:1 HDD SSD ratio.

Answer: A

Question No: 92

Which of the following is the maximum capacity of a RAID 5 array (i.e. disk space where N

= the number of disks)?

  1. N -1

  2. 陆 the total of all disk space

  3. The total of all disk space

  4. N -2

Answer: A

Question No: 93

Does the number of hard drives in a given array determine the RAID levels that can be supported?

  1. No

  2. Yes

Answer: B

Question No: 94

Which of the following RAID modes is not fault tolerant, meaning that if a drive fails the data is no longer complete or available?

  1. 0

  2. 5

  3. 6

  4. 10

Answer: A

Question No: 95

From the following list, when might a customer find Intel庐 Active System Console helpful?

  1. To analyse the operating system event logs

  2. To ensure all drivers are up to date

  3. To identify the cause of a blinking status LED

  4. To update the BIOS, BMC, and FRU SDR for the server

Answer: C

Question No: 96

Which of the following Operating Systems are officially supported by Intel庐 Active System Console 4.x? (Select FIVE).

  1. Ubuntu 10.10

  2. Free BSD

  3. RHEL 4

  4. Windows 2008

  5. RHEL 5

  6. SuSE 11

  7. CentOS 5

  8. Windows 7

Answer: C,D,E,F,H

Question No: 97

Which of the following can trigger an Intel庐 Active System Console email alert from a server? (Select THREE).

  1. The server chassis intrusion switch is enabled.

  2. The HDD free space goes lower than 75%.

  3. The server cooling fan(s) stop.

  4. A duplicate IP address is registered on the network.

  5. The Operating System service fails to start IASC.

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 98

The BMC System Event Log usually contains two types of information, Assertion and De- assertion. Assertion means an event is triggered and de-assertion means the status has recovered and the event has been withdrawn.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No: 99

Which of the following tools can be used to read the System Event Log, to be found in the Baseboard Management Controller of most Intel Servers? (Select THREE).

  1. IDA


  3. SELViewer

  4. FRU SDR

  5. SysInfo Tool

  6. Intel庐 Active System Console

Answer: C,E,F

Question No: 100

A standard System Event Log record contains:

Byte 1-2: Record ID Byte 3: Record Type Byte 4-7: Timestamp Byte 8-9: Generator ID

Byte 10: Event Format Revision Byte 11: Sensor Type

Byte 12: Sensor Number

Byte 13: Event Direction / Type Byte 14: Event Data 1

Byte 15: Event Data 2

Byte 16: Event Data 3

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

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