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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam

Question No: 91

Which of the following is an example of a device that can take a patient’s blood pressure?

  1. Vitals cuff

  2. Ultrasound

  3. EKG

  4. Glucose monitor

Answer: A

Question No: 92

In which of the following departments in a hospital is a child MOST likely to be treated?

  1. ICU

  2. ONC

  3. PEDS

  4. MED/SUR

Answer: C

Question No: 93

A patient is being seen in the OT department. Which of the following BEST describes the objective of this patient?

  1. To achieve meaningful independence

  2. To eliminate cancerous cells

  3. To alleviate depression

  4. To have stitches removed

Answer: A

Question No: 94

If a hospital staff member has a violation due to willful neglect and the violation is not corrected, which of the following is the amount of the fine?

A. $5,000

B. $10,000

  1. $25,000 per violation with an annual maximum of $250,000

  2. $50,000 per violation with an annual maximum of $1.5 million

Answer: D

Question No: 95

Which of the following is an example of basic clinical workflow?

  1. Examination, Referral, Consultation

  2. Referral, Examination, Consultation

  3. Registration, Consultation, Examination

  4. Diagnosis, Consultation, Examination

Answer: C

Question No: 96

Which of the following details would be MOST useful when a technician calls in a ticket to be escalated?

  1. The model number of the wireless cart, manager’s information, and unit

  2. MRN, location, IP address, end user’s credentials, and the technician’s credentials

  3. Patient’s demographics, medical history, allergies, and patient ID

  4. The manager’s badge number, telephone number, years working, and number of technicians at the site

Answer: B

Question No: 97

Under the HIPAA privacy and security rules, which of the following are covered entities?

  1. Schools and municipal offices

  2. Vendor specific entities

  3. Physicians’ offices that do not transmit electronically

  4. Nursing homes, dentists, and psychologists

Answer: D

Question No: 98

A technician is standing outside an elevator and hears two providers discussing a patient’s health. Which of the following is being violated?

  1. Technician NDA

  2. Patient’s Bill of Rights

  3. HIPAA

  4. Statutory Rights

Answer: C

Question No: 99

A technician sees a famous celebrity having a procedure and calls family to tell them about the sighting. Which of the following rights are being violated?

  1. HIPAA

  2. Statutory Rights

  3. Public Health

  4. BAA

Answer: A

Question No: 100

A vendor sees a password posted on a note while troubleshooting an issue on a wireless card. Which of the following is required to be in compliance with HIPAA?

  1. Report this violation to the CDC.

  2. Remove and shred the password.

  3. Write down the password and remember it for future use to access the system.

  4. Contact the manager of the unit and give the note to them.

Answer: D

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