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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam

Question No: 81

Which of the following must a Business Associate (BA) do with no longer needed records at the end of a contract period?

  1. Recycle any paper records

  2. Archive the records

  3. Deliver to succeeding BA

  4. Destroy or return them

Answer: D

Question No: 82

An organization has contracted with a paper destruction company. As a best practice, which of the following procedures should be implemented?

  1. Have recycling bins open and readily available for easy pick-up.

  2. Place paper records in a locked container until pick-up.

  3. Keep the files separated on desks for easy access.

  4. Bind all paper in compressed blocks.

Answer: B

Question No: 83

Which of the following is the MOST secure transport method recommended for backups?

  1. Regular mail

  2. Parcel service truck

  3. FTP site

  4. Bonded courier

Answer: D

Question No: 84

Which of the following allows sharing of PHI with a third party?

  1. Permission Release

  2. Invoice Request

  3. Release of Information

  4. Data Request

Answer: C

Question No: 85

Which of the following scenarios requires the use of a break the glass method?

  1. Phlebotomist is requesting information on an HIV patient.

  2. Administrator is requesting information on a specific patient.

  3. Unit Clerk cannot access a family member’s patient data.

  4. A physician cannot access patient data.

Answer: D

Question No: 86

Which of the following actions describes what a technician MUST do immediately before entering a patient isolation room?

  1. Sign a Business Associate Agreement.

  2. Wear a mask.

  3. Wear mask and gown.

  4. Contact a clinician to get more information about the patient.

Answer: C

Question No: 87

Which of the following are examples of medical organizations? (Select TWO).

  1. Assisted Living Facility

  2. Hospice

  3. Community Center

  4. Fitness Center

  5. Retirement Facility

  6. Group Home

Answer: A,B

Question No: 88

A keyboard in a patient’s room is not functioning. Upon entering the patient’s room, the patient becomes hostile and demands that the technician leave. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  1. Try to peacefully counsel the patient.

  2. Quietly leave the room and contact appropriate staff person.

  3. Inform the patient that the keyboard must be fixed.

  4. Ignore the patient and conduct the repair.

Answer: B

Question No: 89

Which of the following medical roles BEST describes someone whose duties include taking care of the day to day administrative tasks in a hospital setting?

  1. UA

  2. NP

  3. LVN

  4. RT

Answer: A

Question No: 90

A technician is working in a sleeping patient’s room. A relative of the patient enters the room and requests to know what is wrong with the patient. The technician replies that the patient has congestive heart failure. This is a violation of which of the following?

  1. Patient Bill of Rights

  2. HIPAA

  3. ARRA


Answer: B

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