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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam

Question No: 41

A physician would like to have an X-ray done of a patient’s leg. Which of the following would BEST be used to order this scan?

  1. CPOE

  2. Billing

  3. E-prescribing

  4. Practice management

Answer: A

Question No: 42

In which of the following places are waiver forms typically collected?

  1. Consultation desk

  2. Billing desk

  3. Check-out desk

  4. Registration desk

Answer: D

Question No: 43

A user is having a video display problem. Which of the following is the BEST location for a technician to find the latest video drivers?

  1. Chat forums

  2. Third party vendor

  3. Installation CD

  4. Manufacturer’s website

Answer: D

Question No: 44

The technician needs to install a scanner on a mobile PC. Which of the following is the BEST interface to use?

  1. eSATA

  2. Bluetooth

  3. PS2

  4. USB

Answer: D

Question No: 45

Which of the following commands is used to determine how many hops are between a client’s computer and a server?

  1. NET USE



  4. FIND

Answer: C

Question No: 46

Which of the following has been implemented when IP addresses are permanently linked to network devices?

  1. Dynamic addressing

  2. SSID naming

  3. Port forwarding

  4. Static addressing

Answer: D

Question No: 47

Which of the following is the MOST important factor when installing a new workstation?

  1. Power

  2. Phone

  3. Internet

  4. Network

Answer: A

Question No: 48

A technician is receiving the error “NTLDR is missing”. Which of the following files has been corrupted?

  1. Config.sys

  2. Boot.ini

  3. Pagefile.sys

  4. IO.sys

Answer: B

Question No: 49

A technician receives a “Non-systems disk or disk error” on a user’s desktop. Which of the following should the technician check for FIRST to resolve this issue?

  1. Out-of-date OS patches

  2. Loose LCD cable

  3. System board cable

  4. Non-bootable flash drive

Answer: D

Question No: 50

Which of the following would BEST prevent power loss on critical system equipment?

  1. HVAC

  2. IDF

  3. Generator

  4. UPS

Answer: D

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