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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam

Question No: 131

The standard coding for procedures provided by the Center for Disease Control, that will take effect in 2013, is called which of the following?

  1. ICD-8

  2. ICD-9

  3. ICD-10

  4. ICD-11

Answer: C

Question No: 132

A CT machine is unable to be accessed via its web interface, but still responds to ICMP requests. Which of the following should receive the escalation of this issue?

  1. Network Administrator

  2. Firewall Administrator

  3. Help Desk Tier 3

  4. Hardware Vendor Support

Answer: D

Question No: 133

The BEST method to store high quality pictures is with which of the following image formats?

  1. TIFF

  2. BMP

  3. JPEG

  4. GIF

Answer: A

Question No: 134

A patient is being checked in to a facility. The patient’s information was entered correctly into the system, but the billing information is not being accepted. This issue should be escalated to which of the following?

  1. Database Administrator

  2. Help Desk Tier 2

  3. Payroll Department

  4. Network Administrator

Answer: B

Question No: 135

A system upgrade is released to a limited number of users in a non-production capacity. Which of the following change control environments would these users operate in?

  1. Production/Live

  2. Development

  3. User Test

  4. QA/Test

Answer: C

Question No: 136

A medical practice has two physical servers. Which of the following is the BEST method for securing these machines?

  1. Place in a cabinet with a combination lock.

  2. Place with peripherals in a server cabinet with biometrics.

  3. Place in an environmentally controlled room.

  4. Place in a room that requires a sign-in sheet.

Answer: B

Question No: 137

A collection of PHI needs to be shipped from facility A to facility B. Which of the following encryption methods will make the media MOST secure?

  1. Blowfish

  2. AES

  3. DES

  4. TKIP

Answer: B

Question No: 138

Which of the following could be put in a password and still be HIPAA compliant?

  1. Birth date

  2. Random word

  3. Name of facility

  4. User name

Answer: B

Question No: 139

Which of the following is the MAIN difference between WPA and WPA2 wireless security?

  1. WPA2 uses WIDS

  2. WPA2 uses AES-CCMP

  3. WPA2 uses EAP

  4. WPA2 uses LEAP

Answer: B

Question No: 140

A facility has a backup to tape procedure that saves multiple terabytes of data. Which of the following methods would be considered MOST desirable for a fully operational restore state?

  1. Full on Sunday and incremental every day

  2. Full on Sunday and differential every day

  3. Full on Sunday and alternating incremental and differential every other day

  4. Full on Sunday and incremental every other day

Answer: B

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