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CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals

Question No: 61 – (Topic 1)

Your office uses Windows Vista. This morning, a patch was applied automatically. Suddenly, the users who have scanners attached to their computers complain that they cannot access the scanners. When you check their Device Manager, you notice there is no exclamation point next to the scanner. What should you do now?

  1. Reinstall Vista.

  2. Find a Vista compatible scanner.

  3. Manually uninstall and reinstall the device driver.

  4. Roll back the patch.

Answer: C Explanation:

Sometimes a patch may cause problems for an existing device driver.Usually, you simply uninstall and then reinstall the driver. This way the driver is installed after the patch.

Answer option D is incorrect. Patches often have key security updates. Simply leaving the machine unpatched is never a good idea.

Answer option Ais incorrect. This drastic step will return you to the pre-patch state, but then you will still need to apply that patch, and still have to deal with this problem.

Answer option B is incorrect. The scanner worked with Vista before the patch. This indicates that it is Vista compatible.

Reference. http.//support.microsoft.com/kb/948187/en-us

Question No: 62 – (Topic 1)

Which ofthe following refers to a location away from the computer center where document copies and backup media are kept?

  1. Off-site storage

  2. Network attached storage

  3. Storage Area network

  4. On-site storage

Answer: A Explanation:

Off-site storage refers to alocation away from the computer center where documents copies and backup media are kept. This storage method is more secure but less convenient and more costly.

Answer option D is incorrect. Onsite storage refers to the same location where the work placeis. It is considered more convenient but less secure in case of disaster.

Answer option C is incorrect. A storage area network (SAN) is an architecture to attach remote computer storage devices (such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes) to servers in such a way that the devices appear as locally attached to the operating system.

Answer option B is incorrect. Network attached storage (NAS), in contrast to SAN, uses file-based protocols such as NFS or SMB/CIFS where it is clear that the storage is remote, and computers request a portion of an abstract file rather than a disk block.

Question No: 63 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products?

  1. Energy Star rating

  2. Standby mode

  3. Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC)

  4. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

Answer: A Explanation:

Energy Star rating is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

The Energy Star rating is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. Devices carrying the Energy Star logo are products, such as computerdevices, peripherals, kitchen appliances, etc. These products generally use 20% to 30% lesser energy than required by the federal standards. The Energy Star program was created by the #39;United

States Environmental Protection

Agency#39; (US EPA) as an attempt to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by power plants. The program has helped in spreading the use of LED traffic lights, efficient fluorescent lighting, and power management systems for office equipments. Answer option C is incorrect. Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC), frequently referred to as the Orange Book, is the centerpiece of the DoD Rainbow Series publications. It is a

United States Government Department of Defense (DoD) standard that sets basic requirements forassessing the effectiveness of computer security controls built into a computer system. TCSEC was used to evaluate, classify and select computer systems being considered for the processing, storage and retrieval of sensitive or classified information. It was replaced with the development of the

Common Criteria international standard originally published in 2005.

Answer option B is incorrect. The standby mode is a power saving feature for computers. In this mode, a computer does not shut down completely. Thecomputer goes to low power state and, as a result, it consumes less power. When the computer resumes from the standby mode, full power is restored to its devices. During the standby mode, if the power supply is disconnected or interrupted, data might be lost. The standby mode is available automatically on ACPI-enabled or APM-enabled computers. Users do not need to enable this mode manually.

This mode is not available in non-ACPI and non-APM based computers.

Answer option D is incorrect. The Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is a powermanagement specification developed by Intel, Microsoft, and Toshiba. It enables an operating system to control the amount of power supplied to each device attached to a computer by turning off peripheral deviceswhen they are not in use. Itdefines power management on a wide range of mobile, desktop, and server computers and peripherals. It also enables manuurers to produce computers that automatically power up as soon as a user touches the keyboard. Reference. quot;http.//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_Starquot;

Question No: 64 – (Topic 1)

Your customers Windows XP machine has become unusable due to some unknown cause. You want to put the computer into a working state again. What is the best way to do this?

  1. Simply put the Windows Recovery CD in and the recovery process will start.

  2. Reinstall Windows.

  3. Use the Windows Recovery Console with the Windows Recovery CD to put the system back in a working state.

  4. Simply uninstall any new software.

Answer: C Explanation:

When your system becomes unusable and you cannot trace the cause, it may become necessary to do a Windows Recovery. This will require the Windows Recovery CD and the Windows Recovery Console.

Recovery Console is a command-line console thatenables administrators to repair a computer. From

Recovery Console, administrators can start and stop services, read and write data on a local drive, repair the master boot record (MBR), format drives, and perform other administrative tasks. The

RecoveryConsole can be run using the following two ways: In case the computer does not start, Recovery Console

can be run using the Windows setup CD-ROM. Otherwise, the Recovery Console can be run from the option in the boot menu.

Answer option A is incorrect. TheCD will not work by itself; you need to use the Windows Recovery

Console also. Answer option D is incorrect. You do not know if the software is causing the problem or if an uninstall will correct it. Answer option B is incorrect. Recovery is a better option and is quicker and less disruptive than a full installation.

Reference: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307654

Question No: 65 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following storage device uses SRAM or DRAM?

  1. USB flash drive

  2. Solid-state drive (SSD)

  3. Blu-ray Disc

  4. CD drive

Answer: B Explanation:

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data. An SSD emulates a hard disk drive interface, thus easily replacing itin most applications. It is also known as solid-state hard disk drive. SSDs have no moving parts; hence, they are less fragile and silent than hard disks. As there are no mechanical delays, SSDs usually enjoy low access time and latency. An SSD using SRAMor DRAM (instead of flash memory) is often called a RAM-drive, which should not be confused with a RAM disk. Answer option C is incorrect. Blu-ray Disc, also known as Blu-ray or BD, is an optical disc

storage medium. It is designed to supersede the standard DVD format for storing high- definition video,

PlayStation 3 games, and other data, with up to 25 GB per single layered, and 50 GB per dual layered disc. Blu-ray Disc was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, a group representing makers of consumer electronics, computer hardware, and motion pictures. The disc has the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs. It is called Blu-ray Disc because of the blue-violet laser which is used to read the disc. Blu-ray uses ashorter wavelength, a 405 nm blue-violet laser, and allows for almost six times more data storage than on a DVD.

Answer option D is incorrect. CD drive is used for read/write operations on CDs. The CD drives that are capable of performing write operations on CDs are also known as CD burners. However, most of the CD drives on computers have read only capability. CD drives with read-only capability are also known as CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory) drives. A CD drive is installed inside the computer case and can be connected to IDE,SCSI, SATA, or firewire interface.

Answer option A is incorrect. A USB flash drive consists of flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1 or

2.0 interface. Reference. quot;http.//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drivequot;

Question No: 66 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following display standards provides four times more pixels than an 800x 600 display?

  1. SXGA

  2. SXGA

  3. SVGA

  4. UXGA

Answer: D Explanation:

UXGA stands for Ultra eXtended Graphics Array. It is a display standard that refers to video adapters.

This display standard is capable of displaying the resolution of 1600 x 1200pixels. A UXGA display provides four times more pixels than an 800 x 600 display.

Answer option A is incorrect. SXGA stands for Super eXtended Graphics Array. It is a display standard that refers to video adapters. This standard is an enhancement of the standard XGA resolution developed by IBM. It is capable of displaying the resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Answer option B is incorrect. SXGA stands for Super eXtended Graphics Array Plus and

is a computer display standard. An SXGA display is commonly used on 14-inch or 15-inch laptop LCD screens with a resolution of 1400 1050 pixels. SXGA is also the maximum resolution native to many high-end video projectors. An SXGA display is used on a few 12 inch laptop screens such as theThinkPad X60 amp; X61.

Answeroption C is incorrect. SVGA standard normally refers to a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

Reference. quot;http.//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UXGAquot;

Question No: 67 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following aims to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronics and electronic equipment?

  1. RoHS directive

  2. IEEE standards

  3. IETF standards

  4. W3C standards

Answer: A Explanation:

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive aims to restrict certain dangerous substances commonly used in electronics and electronic equipment.

Answer option D is incorrect. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international industry consortium that develops common standards for the World Wide Web to promote its evolution and interoperability. It was founded in October 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the

Web, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Computer Science [MIT/LCS] in collaboration with CERN, where the Web had originated , with support from DARPA and the European Commission.

Answer option C is incorrect. Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is an open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and coordination of the operation and management of the Internet. It works towards introducing procedures for new technologies on the Internet. IETF specifications are released in Requests for

Comments (RFCs).

Answer option B is incorrect. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE) is a society of technical professionals. It promotes the development and application of electro- technology and allied sciences. IEEE develops communications and network standards, among other activities. The organization publishes number of journals, has many local chapters, and societies in specialized areas.

Reference. quot;http.//www.rohs.gov.uk/Default.aspxquot;

Question No: 68 – (Topic 1)

Your customer is very concerned about security for Wi-Fi at his home. He wants to make sure that only computers, he has authorized, can get on his Wi-Fi. What is the most appropriate security measure you can recommend?

  1. A Firewall

  2. WPA encryption

  3. Mac Filtering

  4. WEP encryption

Answer: C Explanation:

Mac filtering only allows computers, which have their MAC address listed with the router, to connect.

What is MAC address filtering?

MAC address filtering is a security method that enables a device to allow only certain MAC addresses to access a network. It can be configured on a Wireless Access Point (WAP) to allow only certainsystem MAC addresses to communicate with the rest of the network.

MAC address filtering can be performed using either of the two policies. exclude all by default, then allow only listed clients; or include all by default, then exclude listed clients. MACfiltering can also be used on a wireless network to prevent certain network devices from accessing the wireless network. MAC addresses are allocated only to hardware devices, not to persons.

Answer options D and B are incorrect. Any encryption will be based on password authentication, not on filtering specific computers. Only MAC filtering will do that. Answer option A is incorrect. A firewall will not prevent people or computers from connecting to your Wi-Fi. It will block certain, unwanted connections.

Reference. http.//compnetworking.about.com/cs/wirelessproducts/qt/macaddress.htm

Question No: 69 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following statements is true about modem?

  1. It amplifies the digital signals.

  2. It converts digital signals into analog signals andvice versa.

  3. It reduces the noise in analog signal.

  4. It converts AC current to DC current and vice versa.

Answer: B Explanation:

Modem converts digital signals into analog signals and vice versa. Modem is a device used by computers to communicate overlong distances through Public Service Telephone Lines (PSTN).

Modem stands for Modulator and Demodulator. When a computer sends data, it uses digital signals.

Modem converts these digital signals into analog signals and transmits the data over PSTN. At thereceiving end, modem converts the analog signals back to digital signals and delivers to the receiving computer.

Question No: 70 – (Topic 1)

Which of the following are dual core processors?

Each correct Answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  1. AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2

  2. Intel Pentium 4

  3. Intel(r) Pentium(r) processor Extreme Edition

  4. AMDAthlon(tm)

Answer: A,C Explanation:

The Intel(r) Pentium(r) processor Extreme Edition and AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 are dual core technology processors manuured by Intel and AMD, respectively.

What is dual core processor?

A dual core processor is a CPU with twoseparate cores in the same chip. Each core has its own cache. A dual core processor is an equivalent of two microprocessors in a computer. In a dual core processor, both cores handle incoming data strings simultaneously, resulting in improved efficiency.

Hence a dual core system is faster than a single-core or traditional processor system. A dual core processor does not require a new motherboard, but can be used in existing boards having the correct socket. Intel and AMD are the companies that are making dual core processors.

Answer options D and B are incorrect. AMD Athlon(tm) and Intel Pentium 4 are not dual core processors.

Reference: quot;http://www.intel.com/technology/computing/dual-core/quot;

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