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CompTIA Strata Green IT

Question No: 1

Which of the following technologies is used to deliver virtual applications?

  1. SpeedStep

  2. Streaming

  3. InstallShield

  4. Multi-threading

Answer: B

Question No: 2

Which of the following is a common practice when printing large documents and considering the environment?

  1. Printing on both sides

  2. Use of high gloss paper

  3. Using online collaboration technologies

  4. Use of paperless documents

Answer: A

Question No: 3

Which of the following are energy saving advantages to using blade servers? (Select TWO).

  1. Decreased licensing cost

  2. Increased cooling efficiency

  3. Higher reliability

  4. Increased power usage efficiency

  5. Ease of administration

Answer: B,D

Question No: 4

CPU power saving settings can be accessed within which of the following?

  1. Desktop settings

  2. System BIOS

  3. Monitor settings

  4. POST

Answer: B

Question No: 5

Which of the following can an IT department utilize to decrease energy consumption at night?

  1. Redundant power supplies in servers

  2. CRT monitors

  3. Shutdown scripts

  4. Low energy efficiency UPS devices

Answer: C

Question No: 6

Which of the following is the MOST environmentally correct way to dispose of CRT monitors?

  1. Local trash bin

  2. Store in a locked room

  3. Local monitor recycling company

  4. Local multi-use recycling bin

Answer: C

Question No: 7

Which of the following technologies is LEAST likely to reduce a companys impact on the environment when implemented?

  1. Desktop virtualization

  2. High performance desktop systems

  3. VPN

  4. Video conferencing

Answer: B

Question No: 8

A large company would like to roll out thin clients to all retail terminals on its next upgrade. Which of the following are potential risks of this IT plan?

  1. Power consumption; thin clients use more energy than comparable workstations and therefore have a larger energy footprint.

  2. Single point of failure; if the thin client server goes down all machines are without functionality.

  3. Centralized administration; IT staff cannot rely on localized group policy settings.

  4. High cost of terminals; compared to traditional workstations, thin clients are very expensive and require more maintenance.

Answer: B

Question No: 9

A small business currently has a server room with a large cooling system that is appropriate for its size. The location of the server room is the top level of a building. The server room is filled with incandescent lighting that needs to continuously stay on for security purposes. Which of the following would be the MOST cost-effective way for the company to reduce the server rooms energy footprint?

  1. Replace all incandescent lighting with energy saving neon lighting.

  2. Set an auto-shutoff policy for all the lights in the room to reduce energy consumption after hours.

  3. Replace all incandescent lighting with energy saving fluorescent lighting.

  4. Consolidate server systems into a lower number of racks, centralizing airflow and cooling in the room.

Answer: C

Question No: 10

Which of the following is a restricted substance according to the RoHS directive?

  1. Copper

  2. Lead

  3. Gold

  4. Silicon

Answer: B

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