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CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Question No: 121

An organization is in the process of selecting a SaaS provider to replace its current internal customer relationship management system. The business expects better functionality than what is provided with the internal system. Which of the following is the BEST reason for moving to a SaaS cloud service?

  1. Understand who the most experienced IaaS cloud providers are so that a recommendation can be made to the business based on what other industry vendors are doing.

  2. Understand the current SLA#39;s of the cloud providers to ensure that they can exceed the current expected business SLA#39;s.

  3. Understand current functional and non-functional requirements of the system in order to ensure the new system can meet and provide value add to current business needs.

  4. Understand the cost model of the hosted infrastructure and whether the current system can be hosted on cloud provided infrastructure.

Answer: C

Question No: 122

Which of the following applies only to public cloud computing as opposed to outsourcing?

  1. Contracts are in years as opposed to days or months

  2. Internal IT staff move from one organization to another

  3. There are no upfront CAPEX costs for hardware

  4. Infrastructure is stored within a datacenter

Answer: C

Question No: 123

Web hosting is a service that enables customers to deploy a website quickly. This is an example of:

  1. IaaS.

  2. SaaS

  3. PaaS.

  4. On-demand software.

  5. None of the above.

Answer: C

Question No: 124

Which of the following capabilities MUST a vendor be able to fulfill in order to provide a successful IaaS solution? (Select TWO).

  1. Network maintenance

  2. Application development

  3. Web-based application maintenance

  4. Application configuration settings

  5. Physical security

Answer: A,E

Question No: 125

Which of the following is a difference between cloud computing and visualization when implementing IaaS?

  1. All hardware is maintained on-site by current IT staff and managers

  2. Both a cloud and a virtual solution will provide additional programmers for application development

  3. Boxed, retail versions of office suite software must be used for consistent licensing

  4. Cloud computing may use visualization, while visualization does not require cloud services

Answer: D

Question No: 126

One major impact that cloud computing has had on the application development process is the need for greater:

  1. security.

  2. speed.

  3. isolation.

  4. standardization

Answer: B

Question No: 127

The business benefits of mobile computing are enhanced MOST by which of the following cloud service characteristics?

  1. Hardware independence

  2. Security

  3. Distribution over the Internet

  4. Time to market

Answer: C

Question No: 128

Google Apps is a set of online applications allowing users to create and share documents and spreadsheets. This is an example of:

  1. PaaS

  2. SaaS.

  3. IaaS.

  4. None of the above.

Answer: B

Question No: 129

A financial services company plans to move its existing CRM system into the cloud. The current system hosts 50 million customers. Which of the following steps should be done FIRST for moving this application into the cloud?

  1. Perform security testing of the application to ensure that there are no new security vulnerabilities being introduced.

  2. Perform testing to confirm that all the customer data can be mapped/migrated during the allocated change window.

  3. Communicate with customers that they will be moving to a new CRM system which will be hosted in the cloud.

  4. Perform a physical site assessment on where the application is hosted to ensure adequate controls are in place.

Answer: A

Question No: 130

An organization requires that it federates its internal systems and their externally hosted SaaS finance system so a user does not have to re-authenticate. This is an example of which of the following?

  1. Open authentication

  2. Single sign-on

  3. Biometric scanning

  4. Multifactor authentication

Answer: B

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