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CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Question No: 101

Which of the following is the MOST complex security provisioning problem in a cloud environment?

  1. Handling credit cards for purchasing cloud services

  2. Keeping track of cloud provider performance

  3. Managing users and their rights across multiple providers

  4. Software assets that are introduced and can expire

Answer: C

Question No: 102

Cloud computing has the greatest benefit for which of the following user populations?

  1. User populations which steadily increase in size.

  2. User populations that vary and are unpredictable.

  3. User populations that are of fixed size.

  4. User populations that vary in size on a seasonal basis.

Answer: B

Question No: 103

Which of the following correctly identifies a key difference between cloud computing and IT outsourcing?

  1. Typically, industry definitions state that cloud computing and IT outsourcing are synonymous terms with the same meaning.

  2. Cloud computing only works when there is satisfactory Internet connectivity whereas outsourcing requires dedicated WAN links.

  3. Cloud computing generally allows for on-demand utilization, whereas outsourcing is typically defined by contract terms.

  4. Cloud computing provides only external IT equipment to a company whereas outsourcing involves external only resources managing internal company equipment.

Answer: C

Question No: 104

A company is trying to understand the IT service management impacts of adopting cloud computing as the delivery vehicle for a new service. Which of the following lifecycle phases would be likely to see these impacts evaluated?

  1. Strategy

  2. Operation

  3. Design

  4. Transition

Answer: A

Question No: 105

A company decides to subscribe to a new CRM product that will help improve their business processes. Which of the following types of cloud computing would MOST likely be implemented?

  1. PaaS

  2. XaaS

  3. IaaS

  4. SaaS

Answer: D

Question No: 106

A cloud computing vendor is focusing on delivering applications to customers. The goal is to simplify the deployment of database functionality while removing the need for customers to manage the operating system and application patching. Which of the following types of solution is the vendor offering?

  1. IT as a Service

  2. Infrastructure as a Service

  3. Anything as a Service

  4. Platform as a Service

  5. Software as a Service

Answer: E

Question No: 107

Which of the following must be implemented by a cloud provider to ensure that different entities can authenticate and share basic user accounting information?

  1. Scalability

  2. Federation

  3. Virtualization

  4. Self service

Answer: B

Question No: 108

Which of the following is included in a compliance audit?

  1. Analyzing chargeback agreements

  2. Analyzing cloud provider Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  3. Analyzing identity management and access controls

  4. Analyzing the provider release calendar

Answer: C

Question No: 109

Which of the following is an effect of cloud computing on application development?

  1. SaaS allows for open-source application development.

  2. SaaS delays the time to market for most applications.

  3. SaaS inhibits vendor interoperability on application platforms.

  4. SaaS allows for a shorter time to market for some applications.

Answer: C

Question No: 110

Why do business users prefer to deal with cloud providers directly, instead of via the IT department?

  1. It reduces financial risks to the business

  2. The IT department does not accommodate variable costs

  3. They can better measure the provider#39;s quality

  4. They can use their own payment options

Answer: B

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