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Implementing Cisco Connected Physical Security 1 Exam (CCPS1)

Question No: 51

In VSM 6.3.2, which of the following options cannot be used to create a snapshot?

  1. BMP

  2. TIFF

  3. PNG

  4. VSD

Answer: D

Question No: 52

On the Operator page, which of the following view option check boxes are not available to a user that was created in VSOM?

  1. Title Bars

  2. Video Tools

  3. Reduced View

  4. Full Source

Answer: C

Question No: 53

You are ready to add a new media server to VSOM, as well as a new set of cameras that will archive video to this new VSMS. What is the first step you should perform in VSMC?

  1. Look in the system log for unknown messages

  2. Assign local repositories

  3. Check Mediaout to verify you have plenty of space available

  4. Define the RTP port range in the firewall

Answer: B

Question No: 54

How are SNMP traps configured?

  1. SNMP traps can be added in the SNMP Trap Destinations section of VSMC

  2. SNMP traps are configured directly on the operating system

  3. SNMP traps are configured through VSOM, on the server network traps setup pages

  4. SNMP traps cannot be configured directly on the system, and a third-party application is needed

Answer: A

Question No: 55

By default, when the IP address of a VSM server is typed into a web browser, the VSMC page appears. What needs to be done in order to change the default web page to the VSOM login page instead?

  1. Uninstall VSMC from the server. VSOM and VSMC should not be colocated on the same server

  2. Download VSOM from VSMC, and install it locally

  3. Under the Operations Manager menu in VSMC, set the default home page to VSOM instead of VSMC

  4. Under the Operations Manager menu in VSMC, enter the IP address for the VSOM page

Answer: C

Question No: 56

Which of the following is a valid configuration for archives in VSM 6.3.2?

  1. Continuous Loop

  2. Simple Schedule

  3. Recurring Schedule

  4. Continuous Loop, Simple Schedule, and Recurring Schedule are valid configurations for archives in VSM 6.3.2

Answer: D

Question No: 57

Which of the following reports are available in the Cisco Video Surveillance solution?

  1. User Configuration Report only

  2. Device Activity Report only

  3. Application History Report only

  4. User Configuration, Device Activity, and Application History reports are available in the Cisco Video Surveillance solution.

  5. User Configuration, Device Activity, and Application History reports are not available in the Cisco Video Surveillance solution.

Answer: E

Question No: 58

Where do you install a new, third-party IP camera driver?

  1. VSOM only

  2. VSVM only

  3. VSMC only

  4. Third-party camera drivers can be installed through VSOM, VSVM, and VSMC

  5. Third-party camera drivers are not installed via VSOM, VSVM, or VSMC

Answer: C

Question No: 59

In Cisco VSM 6.3.2, for which of the following does a license NOT need to be ordered?

  1. License for Virtual Matrix clients.

  2. License for the primary and secondary (if available and utilized) video streams on third- party (non-Cisco) IP cameras.

  3. Licenses for the primary and secondary (if used) video streams on Cisco IP Surveillance cameras.

  4. Licenses need to be ordered for Virtual Matrix Client, primary and secondary (if available and used) videos streams on third-party cameras, and primary and secondary (if used) video streams on Cisco IP cameras.

Answer: D

Question No: 60

In VSM 6.3.2, how can PTZ cameras be controlled?

  1. USB joystick only

  2. USB mouse only

  3. PTZ interface control in VSOM only

  4. By a USB joystick, USB mouse, or PTZ control interface in VSOM.

Answer: D

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