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Q161  (Topic 9)


Refer to the exhibit.




Which SIP message header is used to tunnel QSIG messages across the SIP network when the OGW receives a call bound for the TGW?



A.Content-TypE. application/sdp


B.Content-TypE. application/qsig


C.Content-TypE. message/ISUP


D.Content-TypE. message/external-body


E.Content-TypE. application/x-q931




Answer: B


Q162  (Topic 9)


What is the maximum number of option 66 IP addresses that a Cisco IP SCCP phone will accept and use from a DHCP server?













Answer: B


Q163  (Topic 9)


Which two statements about Cisco Unified Communications Manager mixed-mode clusters are true? (Choose two.)



A.Cluster security mode configures the security capability for your standalone server or a cluster.


B.The device security mode in the phone configuration file is set to nonsecure.

C.The phone makes nonsecure connections with Cisco Unified Communications Manager even if the device security mode specifies authenticated or encrypted.

D.Security-related settings other than device security mode, such as the SRST Allowed check box, get ignored.


E.Auto-registration does not work when you configure mixed mode.


Answer: A,E


Q164  (Topic 9)


What is the maximum number of Cisco Unified Communications Manager subscriber pairs in a megacluster deployment?















Answer: B


Q165  (Topic 9)


Which SIP reason phrase maps to SIP response reason code 181?





B.Call is Being Forwarded


C.Session in Progress


D.Unknown Number


E.Call Does not Exist


Answer: B


Q166  (Topic 9)


Which Cisco IOS multipoint video conferencing profile is also known as best-effort video on the Cisco Integrated Router Generation 2 with packet voice and video digital signal processor 3?











E.flex mode video


Answer: B


Q167  (Topic 9)


Refer to the exhibit.






The exhibit shows the Cisco IOS CLI output of debug ip dhcp packet, which was captured on a router that is located at a branch office where a single IP phone is located. There is a standalone Cisco Unified Communications Manager server at the central site, which also provides DHCP services to the IP phone at the branch office. You are troubleshooting a problem where the IP phone received an IP address in the correct subnet and with a correct subnet mask from the DHCP server, but never completed registration with Cisco Unified CM. Assuming the IP phone is correctly defined on Unified CM, which two statements the network components are true? (Choose two.)



A.The MAC address of the IP phone is 01ec44761e3e7d.

B.The IP address of the DHCP server is

C.The MAC address of the VLAN 101 interface is 01ec44761e3e7d.

D.IThe MAC address of the IP phone is ec44761e3e7d.

E.There is no IP connectivity between the VLAN 101 interface of the branch router and the ip-helper address that is configured on this interface.

F.Based on the information provided, we cannot conclude if there is IP connectivity between the IP phone and Cisco Unified CM.


Answer: D,F


Q168  (Topic 9)


Refer to the exhibit.




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Which option describes how this Cisco IOS SIP gateway, with an analog phone attached to its FXS port, handles an incoming informational SIP 180 response message without SDP?



A.It will enable early media cut-through.


B.It will generate local ring back.


C.It will do nothing because the message is informational.

D.It will terminate the call because this is an unsupported message format.


E.It will take the FXS port offhook.


Answer: B


Q169  (Topic 9)


On a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunk with a single remote device and OPTIONS ping feature enabled, which response from the SIP remote peer causes the trunk to be marked as “Out of Service”?



A.401 Unauthorized


B.505 Version Not Supported


C.406 Not Acceptable




D.408 Request Timeout


E.500 Server Internal Error


Answer: D


Q170  (Topic 9)


A queued call has reached the maximum wait time configured for a Cisco Unified Communications Manager native call queue.


Which statement about what happens to this queued call is true?



A.Calls are handled according to the Forward Hunt No Answer settings on the Hunt Pilot configuration page.


B.Calls are handled according to the When Maximum Wait Time Is Met settings on the Hunt Pilot Configuration page.


C.Calls are handled according to the When Maximum Wait Time Is Met settings in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Service Parameters.

D.Calls are handled according to the Not Available Hunt Option settings on the Line Group Configuration page.


E.Calls are handled according to the When Queue Is Full settings on the Hunt Pilot Configuration page.


Answer: B


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